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Do I Trust You?

Twila Paris's song, Do I Trust You has always been one of my favorites. It is one of the deeper questions we can ask ourselves.

I read what Twila said about how the song came to be:

"I was in Los Angeles when I heard the news of Keith Green's death in 1982. He was only a causal acquaintance of mine, but his music greatly influenced my life during my teenage years, more than any other artist, and his life and music still challenge us to be more like Jesus.

A couple of days after his death, I went to a friend's house and asked to borrow their piano. "Do I Trust You" came about as I was trying to relate to how we all feel during difficult situations like death. I later finished it at home in Arkansas....I attempted to put myself in his wife Melody's lace. There are painful struggles we don't understand and we won't always know the why's of life. But we must choose to trust Him because He loves us."

We've all been in a place where trusting God was hard because we couldn't see what His plan was. We might still not know what it was in that experience. So faith and trust come down to a choice sometimes. Like some of the lyrics in this song:

I know the answers, I've given them all

But suddenly now, I feel so small

Shaken down to the cavity of my soul

Ever felt like that? I bet you have. Probably more than once if you've lived very long. But that choice to trust is not based in blind faith, is it? It's grounded in the knowledge that God has always shown us love even through the hardest times. That might be the only comfort that's possible to find in the darkest moments of life.

I will trust you Lord, when I'm blind with pain

You were God before and You'll never change

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