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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you play commercials now?



Our new streaming service requires that we make time available for commercials.  This helps cover the cost of the licensing fees the record companies demand for streaming.  I wish more support went to the artists than the labels, but that's another question, isn't it?


What's up with the short instrumental pieces? 


As I said in the previous answer, the streaming service requires that time be made available for commercials.  Two blocks of two minutes each per hour.  However, they do not always place commercials in those slots.  When that happens, the two minutes are taken up with "fillers".  The service will automatically place some stuff there but a lot of it is, frankly, completely inappropriate.  I have created our own filler material from instrumental CD's from the same eras as the music you hear the rest of the time.  Back in the day, some stations used these to fill to the top of the hour to hit network content.  Hopefully you enjoy at least some of it.



My best friend's cousin's neighbor just recorded a great song.  Will you play it?


I actually get these questions a lot.  CCM Flashback doesn't play any new music.  This is all about the stuff we've loved to listen to over the last 4 decades.



Do you take requests?


Yes.  You can make a request from Twitter, Facebook or send a message from  Be patient.  It can take a little time to play your song.



I heard a song from someone who has done some questionable things.  Why did you play that?


When I started CCM Flashback, I thought a long time aboutwhether to play certain artists.  Then I realized, my question was really about whether someone would be upset.  I decided to play songs because of the song.  The meaning of the lyrics haven't changed or lost any impact.  In fact, they could be even more poignant.  We didn't throw out the Psalms because David was guilty of murder.  I realize that David was reconciled to God.  That is also my prayer for those who would come up in this discussion.  



Are you interested in hearing my suggestion?


Absolutely.  Please share any ideads, suggestion or comments you have.




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