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CCM Flashback started as a hobby.  Having worked in radio for 16 years (at that time) and being a fan of contemporary Christian music, I had this huge collection of songs.  Why not share them with some friends?


It soon became apparent, however, that there were a lot of people who still wanted to hear these old songs.  The audience started increasing.  Before Live365 went belly up, there were thousands of people who had added it as a favorite to come back and listen again.


On January 31st, 2016, CCM Flashback moved to a new platform, Radionomy.  It is no longer just a hobby.  I truly feel this is something I am supposed to do.  The messages in the music are timeless and the encouragement and challenge they bring is important.


I always welcome your input since this is really about the listeners.  I hope you enjoy listening.


CCM Flashback
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